Jiu Jitsu Sans Frontieres is a social network founded by Viking Wong, it focuses on the open source development of all grappling arts. The JJSF network is free for all successful applicants. We aim to follow the original practice and philosophy of the gentle art, with an emphasis to restore moral values to build better characters in human beings. We will never cease to explore new innovations to challenge ourselves.

Our goal is to give our members the opportunity to cross train with everyone in a stress-free environment, where techniques, ideas and business opportunities can be developed through our open source network. As a Jiu Jitsu focused company, we also provide services such as uniquely tailored curriculums and certified rank advancements for start-up school owners. 

Our members are very important to us. We will do our best to treat you with fairness and the respect you deserve. We simply ask the same consideration from you. Everyone comes from a unique background with different Jiu-Jitsu goals. Our goal is to provide an environment that will help you reach them. There are currently 2 types of memberships, Tier 1 & 2; both providing a solution that caters to everyone.

For enquires on how to apply, please email : jjsfhk@gmail.com


*Tier 1 gyms


JJSF HQ : The Openmat *
Operated by : Viking Wong (black belt)

KLNBJJ : Kowloon Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy

Operated by : Takizawa Keisuke (black belt)

HKFC : Hong Kong Fight Club

Operated by: Henry Chan (black belt)

DBJJ : Discovery Bay Jiu Jitsu

Operated by: Marc Chambaud (purple belt)

AJJ: Abyss Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy
Operated by: Ken Man Siu Kei (brown belt)


JJSF Hang Zhou : Rollshin Combat Academy 1*
Operated by: Zhong Xi (blue belt)

JJSF Hang Zhou : Rollshin Combat Academy 2*

Operated by: Eddie Chang (blue belt)

JJSF Luo Yang: Luo Yang Amateur Fight Club*
Operated by: Liu (blue belt)


IG London : Inglorious Grapplers HQ*
Operated by : Jude Samuel (3rd stripe black belt)

IG Birmingham : Team Renegade BJJ*

Operated by : Chiu Kwong Man (2nd stripe black belt)


JC Projects: JC Projects Renzo Gracie
Operated by : Joseph Chan (brown belt)

Team Kurama Perugia: Martial Lab HQ
Operated by : Giordano Brozzi (1st stripe black belt)

Team Kurama Spoleto: Accademia Spoleti Umbria
Operated by : Giuliano Montori (brown belt)

Team Kurama Siena: Kurama Siena

Operated by : Michele Stabile (purple belt)

Team Kurama Terni: Crossfit Terni
Operated by: Eugenio Micanti (blue belt)

BJJ Hostel: Tribe Jiu Jitsu Giardini Naxos

Operated by: Salvatore Romeo (purple belt) & Antonino                             Arcidiacono (blue belt)

JJSF Santiago : Labarba Jiu Jitsu*
Operated by : Patricio Reyes (purple belt)

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